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Video introduction for a Keynote Speech on Diversity in the Workplace (6:28 min.)

"Little Hawk was the perfect capstone to Aviva USA's first Diversity & Inclusion Week. His messages about understanding of each other and living in harmony were right on cue. He brought his message to life through storytelling, music and dance. We were very privileged to have him as our guest."

Chris Littlefield, CEO
Aviva USA

Little Hawk delivers Corporate Presentations and Workshops on:


Below is a feedback from a PEPSICO Inclusion Council Workshop:

Participants’ reaction was overwhelmingly positive!

– “Best guest speaker to date!”

–“His message fits in perfectly with what PepsiCo has been teaching”

Participants felt the session delivered a unique, positive message that offered great take a-ways to help understand & improve ourselves, others, and PepsiCo. as a whole:

– “He gave us a glimpse into how we can live as a society that isn’t driven by prejudice and judgment”

– “Extremely thought provoking, he provided a road map to building more effective relationships with ourselves and others”

–“Certain aspects of the presentation really resonated with my own life practices, and what I should work to improve on”

The speaker actively kept the audience interactively engaged, enthused, & excited:

– “The audience’s involvement was great, it kept me thinking and wondering what was next”

– “The speaker’s really presented the topic in a exciting and dynamic way!”

– “I never knew inclusion could be this much fun"

– “Really hit home the message of equality for others”

– “This was a great, non-corporate way of delivering a critical element of inclusion”

– “I loved the interactive elements, when the audience played the instruments”

– “Every story of his descendants was relative to improving our lives today”

– “Kenneth Little Hawk was able to teach and entertain extremely well”

– “What amazing stories that can be applied to life here at PepsiCo”

– “The speaker was enthusiastic and always kept the audience involved”

– “Sincerely enjoyed everything, a lot of positive take away!”

– “The storytelling was great because it was easy to remember and relate to others”

– “Very refreshing and a great learning experience”

– “The stories painted a beautiful picture of how the world should be”

– “The speaker really got me thinking of what I can do to contribute”