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Video recorded in Parkersburg, WV for the Treasury Dept.'s Bureau of Public Debt. (0:32 min.)

Little Hawk delivers Keynote Speeches and Workshops on:


Below is a sampling of federal organizations that have worked with Little Hawk:

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Excellence in Leadership Awards Ceremony, Washington, D.C.

“You are a national treasure. Thank you for sharing your spirit with us. We are better human beings just for sharing the same space with you. Best wishes for future success and peace.” - Chairwoman Naomi C. Earp

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EXCELL CONFERENCE, Denver, CO

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission/Fair Employment Practice Agencies, Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA

Veterans Administration Medical Center, Washington, DC

“I had the opportunity of hearing your excellent presentation at the EXCELL Conference in August.” - Mary George, EEO Specialist, Washington, DC

Department of the Army, Fort Monmouth

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you and your wife Beverly for your outstanding participation in the Fort Monmouth Native American Heritage Month Luncheon.  We know your presence made a great difference to the Native American Program and the Fort Monmouth community.  Your participation was indeed a major highlight of the program and added distinction to our program.  I am deeply touched by your thoughtfulness and support in the past two years of this program by taking time from your busy schedule to be with us.” - Bobby Coney, Chief, Office of Equal Employment Opportunity

Department of the Army Headquarters, National Training Center, United States Army Garrison, Fort Irwin, CA.

“Mr. Kenneth Little Hawk’s one man show was a cornerstone event for the American Indian Heritage Month Celebration at the National Training Center and Fort Irwin, and the performance was well-received by our community.  Many have offered overwhelming positive reactions to your presentation.  I especially appreciated your flexibility in agreeing to change your schedule to come early so that the school children could enjoy your storytelling.  This allowed the students to deepen their understanding of the American Indian culture.”  - John E. Winkfield, Director Equal Employment Opportunity

Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, Hyattsville, MD, Pittsburgh, PA 

Department of the Army, Philadelphia District, Corps of Engineers,
Philadelphia, PA

Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Federal, Executive Board Partners in Equality Council, EEO/Diversity Day of Training, Philadelphia, PA.

NSWCCD, Ship Systems Engineering Station, Philadelphia, PA Navy Yard

Social Security Administration, Diversity training, Philadelphia, PA.

Treasury Department, Bureau of Public Debt, Parkersburg, WV

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 3, Philadelphia, PA

Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office & Insurance Center, Philadelphia, PA, 11/2006

Storytelling workshops for children of Federal Government employees:

Fort Dix, NJ
Fort Irwin, CA
Lakehurst Naval Station, NJ
McGuire Air Force Base, NJ