Our purpose is to teach human beings to consider themselves caretakers- not only of each other, but of the earth itself.

We gratefully acknowledge The Golden Rule Foundation, Pep Boys of Toms River, Dover Oil of South Toms River, the Puffin Foundation, South Toms River Municipal Alliance, the State of New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission and the Youth Services Corporation. We are also thankful for so many wonderful private donations.

We invite you to learn about us, review our programs and offer support.

The Gatherer Institute is designed to create a new culture of respect: respect for the environment, respect for self, and respect for all life. We must consider the impact of our actions to the seventh generation. We must recognize that someday we will be the honored ancestors. The Gatherer Institute believes we must fight mediocrity and develop our greatness as human beings. We can overcome mediocrity by maintaining a positive attitude: "I can do it", "I have what I need to be great" and "I am part of the solution." more info


The critical mass of social evolution still weighs in favor of deforestation, a culture of comfort, not challenge, destruction of the family, substance abuse, and a lack of respect for our elders. There continues to be a lack of concern for our children's children, and for life in general. The Gatherer Institute needs to grow, to provide the counterweight necessary to pull the fence-sitters toward living a principled life... more info


I know I can count on your continued support, as we grow. The seed has been planted. It has been nurtured by your participation. I trust that in the next twelve months your faith in what we are doing will allow us to truly heal the earth by healing her caretakers.


Frank D. Cipriani
Founder and President
The Gatherer Institute

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